Make-up Cutting table is fed by the ADS automatic dough sheeter. Table comes in three widths to accommodate 27”, 35” and 44” net working widths. Automatic transfer to Tunnel Oven, Spiral system and other. Automatic panning system available for rack proofing and blast freezing option.

Make-up / cutting table standard sizes:

Lengths: 12.5’ – 3.8m / 14.5’ – 4

Height: 39” – 900mm

Belt widths:  ADS 700 – 27”– 685mm / ADS 900 – 35” – 900mm / ADS 1100 – 44” – 1200mm

Pictures illustrate possible or maybe existing automation to complement the ADS industrial automatic dough sheeter and make-up cutting table.

Silo ingredient system to feed the dough mixer. Automatic bowl transfer to dump dough to stocking and portioning hopper. Spiral proofer and freezer to receive product from the ADS line.

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