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Frying, Proofing, Cooling and Freezing


WELLBAKE fryers are heavy duty; designed for processing, floating, or immersed products.

Optimal frying quality, reliability, and safety conditions.

Heating system of frying by diathermic oil controlled to guarantee a superior quality and durability of the oil as well as superior safety compared to direct or electric flame heating.

WELLBAKE Spiral Proofer

The proofing process of food products is delicate and requires custom treatment to maintain the quality. Thanks to years of experience, WELLBAKE produces custom leavening equipment for every type of baking environment. We respect the natural leavening of the product and we guarantee our patented conveyor which is tear and movement free. Our spiral proofer is installed in a room and managed remotely by a touch screen monitoring system which guarantees a thorough control of air distribution, moisture level and temperature.

WELLBAKE Spiral Cooler

The cooling of the product is another fundamental step in obtaining the best performance from the line. Cooling can be achieved in the room, or in cells by means of forced and filtered air.

Our cooling spiral is the perfect solution for minimizing the required space for this stage. Moreover, its slim structure allows the air to surround your product.

WELLBAKE Spiral Deep Freezer

Proper deep-freezing permits a longer life of the product, and usually its transportation, keeping the natural flavour, colour, and taste of the food unaltered.

WELLBAKE produces cutting-edge deep-freezing plants, which guarantee the best deep-freezing of every type of food product; therefore, we can provide custom-made and turnkey plants.

Our spiral deep freezer is installed in specific insulated cells which are designed to efficiently manage the airflow released by the evaporators. Our innovative design ensures that air can homogeneously reach the product, deep-freezing it quickly.