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Dough Billet Make-up and Laminating

Semi-Automatic Sheeter QMT670

The semiautomatic dough sheeter QMT670 is provided with the same mechanical components of our automatic models and for this reason it guarantees highly professional performances. The cylinders’ rise and descent are automatically managed and it’s storable in the practical color touch screen (100 programs). Through the same tool it is possible to set the belts’ speed and the drive of flour duster and coiler (optional). The operator will only have to manage the inversion of the belts direction by means of the ergonomic direction arm or by the practical pedals. The working tables are easily foldable and removable for the machine movements. The flour tray, positioned on the central part and equipped with a safety sensor, allows an easy and fast access to the scrapers for the daily cleaning. At last, the wide cylinders’ opening and the strong tables make this sheeter practical to use and long lasting in time.

Automatic Sheeter QT670

The watchwords for this machine are: simplicity, productivity and reliability. In fact, thanks to the 7” touch-screen display, it is possible to set up to 100 different programs, choose whether to start processing from the right or left plane, and set the speed of the belts and cylinders up to 60m/min. All this in a simple and intuitive way, just a touch on the clear color display! In addition to this, robust and large-opening cylinders together with a reinforced structure ensure great daily productivity and unique reliability. Automatic reversal of the belts, foldable and removable shelves (on versions with U-bolts) and protection grids in stainless steel further describe the decisive character of this dough sheeter. In addition, the tested system for raising and lowering the cylinders,

The standard equipment is completed by the high quality negative pyramid mats that allow the user a practical and fast daily cleaning.

Optional accessories:

  • Automatic flour duster
  • Automatic winder
Automatic Sheeter QTP670

The undisputed queen of all dough sheeters. Structure and machine body in stainless steel, generous and intuitive 7”color touch screen that allows memorizing up to 100 programs, automatic winder and flour duster as standard. Large cylinders (80mm diameter), activated by the tested ascent and descent system with screws in oil bath, ensure absolute rolling precision. Variable speed of belts and cylinders by means of an inverter to satisfy all needs. Silent and reliable transmission with toothed and trapezoidal belts, it has a minimum footprint thanks to the very compact front and rear casings. The standard equipment is completed by the high quality negative pyramid mats that allow the user a practical and fast daily cleaning. The ideal ally for all uses, artisanal as well as industrial.

Laminating Line


This picture illustrates one version of our laminating lines.

Without the extruder, which can be rolled-out, it can laminate the dough billets down to desired thickness. This is a compact way of doing it. With additional calibrating units the process is gentler and reduces stress. From here the products can be made-up on the make-up table shown. Various components such as depositor, folding units, cutters and spreading belts may be needed depending on product.

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Two Folding Stations Dough Billet Make-up System 

This two folding stations dough billet make-up line is suitable for the lamination of layers meeting the quality of most products, such as Danish and Croissants. The line can be equipped with a 3-roller Extruder or a No-stress Extruder. Both alternatives will produce a very low stress dough band. The system is available in different dough belt widths and for more layering an additional leg can be added. Please see below.

Three Folding Stations Dough Billet Make-up System 

This three folding stations dough billet make-up system is suitable for the lamination of high quality and additional number of layers compared to the two folding stations system. Of course for Danish and Croissants but also for Puff Dough. System is available in various belt widths and capacities to over 3000 kg / 6600 lbs/hr.

Our systems are of extremely high quality for industrial use producing a superior stress free dough quality.