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Intermediate Proofer

Our Intermediate Proofer feature a rugged corrosion resistant aluminum frame with sealed panels finished in natural aluminum, white enamelled aluminum and stainless steel.  The heavy duty solid-core doors with rugged latches and hinges.

Spiral Proofer

This latest generation belt runs on tracks, requiring practically no lubrication. It is a new stainless steel cross-bar conveyor made with special links whose main technical features are illustrated below.


Automatic Tray

The automatic final proofer FKP is designed for proofing of moulded dough pieces before baking. The FKP is suitable for medium or large sized industrial bakeries for the proofing of heart baked products, pan bread or products baked on baking trays

LBC Series

Modern bread-making requires different programming of the production cycle. This can be done by regulating the various proving phases using a refrigeration process. The TS series retarder provers have been designed to automatically manage the proving phases of bread and pastry dough.



Automated Retarder

The Wellbake way of cooling cause a small weight reduction. The equipment is easily regulated by adjusting the cooling time regarding the product specific needs.