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Automated Mixing Systems
Carousel Systems

The VMI rotary carousel is an automated system comprising a loading station, 1 to 6 mixing stations mounted on feet, a bowl elevator and a dough conveyor. A dough resting sta-tion can be added for autolysis or control.The bowls pass from one station to the next by rotating around a motorised circle.• Capacity according to the model from 500 to 6000 kg of dough per hour.• Available with fork mixers, single or double spiral mixers.

  • Capacity according to the model from 500 to 6000 kg of dough per hour.
  • Available with fork mixers, single or double spiral mixers.


Our equipment enables you to easily achieve hourly production from 500 kg to 6 tonnes whether for pizzas, pastries, bread, baguettes, ciabatta or doughnut with the possibility of changing between different recipes. Autolysis, control, proofing, resting and incorporation of scrap dough - everything is possible.



Thanks to the perfect mastery of your production parameters, your mixing will remain consistent and conform to the strictest quality standards you expect from
your products.



Our machines have been designed to be robust as well as efficient, working in the most intensive production in all parts of the world. They are equipped with Ethernet connections that facilitate in particular:

  • Bottom-up communication to the server (for integrated traceability, statistical and operational production follow-up),
  • Top-down communication from the server (for recipe and production planning). The secondary PLC systems provide VMI equipment with the highest level of reliability.



In order to avoid all danger, our equipment is supplied with grilled safety fences and meets all CE directives concerning the safety of machinery. All operator intervention, whether into the machine itself or its programmes, is protected by access codes which are ordered according to the authority of the operator.

Dynamic”Grafcet” graphical display of each
element of the system and the inputs / outputs
at each stage of the process.

  1. Mixing Station
  2. Ingredients dosing station
In-Line System

The VMI in-line carousel is a fully automated system for high capacity production with or without resting time. Combining a number of stations (dosing, mixing, dough transfer and resting) this equipment can automatically sequence the recipes, optimise each basic step and is guided by a very accurate integrated process control system. VMI is able to combine the in-line carousel with the Fermentation Modular System (FMS) in order to achieve an unusually high level of quality for dough with a long fermentation time.

  • Capacity according to the model from 500 to 7000 kg of dough per hour
  • Available with fork mixers, single or double spiral mixers.


Automatic Maintenance

  • Error management with traceability
  • Programmable system for evolutionary diagnostics
  • Dynamic “Grafcet” graphics for assisted trouble shooting
  • Possibility to semi-automatically isolate a mixer or re-integrate it back into the system without stopping production
  • Modem for remote maintenance

Elevator System

In order to respond in the best way to your needs, VMI has created a range of very compact automated mixers with only two mixers, an integrated elevator and a preportioning hopper. These systems have the same level of automation as the larger equipment.


- Integrated elevator : ...............ET
- Tipping elevator : ...................EB

  • Capacity according to the model from 500 to 2000 kg of dough per hour
  • Available with fork or spiral mixers.


Verymix III System

The latest system for automated mixing, the Verymix III, employs the best of our know-how at VMI and several patents to bring you the ultimate in mixing under vacuum. Combining unrivalled mixing quality with integrated process control VMI gives you the opportunity to take a big step forward.


Thanks to the Verymix III you can pilot step by step your mixing operations. You can secure your production and guarantee the consistency of your doughs!