Sweet Goods: Croissant - Semi-Industrial


CROYMAT holds in few centimeters the technology of big lines for the automated production of croissants from 12 to 150 grams of weight

  1. Rolling-up unit: the adjustment of the lower and upper calibrating cylinders allows to modify the number of dough rollings. The rolling consistency is adjusted by closing or opening of the belts to obtain any type of rolled product. Thanks to the rolling up belts easily removable, cleaning can be quickly done.
  2. The scraps recovering device conveys the exceeding dough in an appropriate tray located under the cutting device, making the dough recovery simple and fast.
  3. With the by-pass table Croymat becomes a real bakery line. With different cutting rollers Croymat not only gives you many kinds of croissants but you can also have any kind of bakery product. The cutting-rollers can be customized.
  4. It can be widely customized by adding an electric pump and guillotine, cutting rollers and dough folders beyond to a large range of other accessories.

Technical Characteristic

Technical CharacteristicsThe structure is composed of a durable stainless steel carpentry. The safety grid is constructed of stainless steel and the head section is covered by specially thermo-formed shatter proof plastic safety cover. The various inner drive components are constructed of a durable and unique stainless steel, while the transmission gears are constructed of stainless steel nickel chrome molybdenum, working in oil bath, and rectified to support heavy and prolonged work cycles. The special attention paid to mechanical fortitude makes this machine exceptionally quite and robust. Particular attention has also been paid to the incorporated safety features. The safety grid itself, when raised, does not allow for function of the machine, at the same time, it is maintained in the up position till the operator releases it. The machine is endowed with a special tool arresting system. Once the machine is turned off, the rotation of the mixing tools immediately cease.

TEKNO 40/60/80/100/120

  1. High power and torque motors
  2. Transmission gears constructed of nickel-chrome-molybdenum stainless steel working in oil bath
  3. Thermal overload of motor
  4. Electric control 24 V.
  5. 3 speeds or 4 speeds and electronic variable speed
  6. Fast bowl removal without removing tool. Electric bowl lifting
  7. Fast lifting of the bowl with handle (TK40/TK60)