Main features

  • Suitable for any type of dough: soft, hard, sticky, gluten-free…
  • Stainless steel dividing head and chamber
  • Stainless steel hopper, safety system according to standard EN 12042:2014
  • Wheels for easy mobility and sufficient ground clearance (facilitates cleaning of floors)
  • Larger range of dividing weight
  • Simple adjustment of the dividing weight by a hand wheel in easy reach
  • No lubrication required for the dividing system; Total savings compared to an equivalent machine with lubrication for an average year of operation ˜ € 4.000,00
  • Electrical socket to connect supplementary machines
  • Save energy – automatic switch-off at the end of the dividing cycle
  • Touch screen control panel with speed adjustment and piece counter with pre-set counting and auto-stop
  • Stainless steel covers, belt frame and weight adjustment box
  • Hydraulic dividing system for highest accuracy with respect for the dough quality (hydraulic oil is NSF H1 certified)









  1. Optional electric flour duster made in stainless steel. Can be switched on/off when required. Amount of dispensed flour can be regulated easily. Removable.
  2. An optional dough scraping roller allows the dividing of very small or soft dough pieces.
  3. Removable scraper on out feed bread
  4. Clear touch-panel with self-diagnostic system and piece-counter. Programmable auto-stop and speed control. In opton there is a memory pack allowing the required weight to be set automatically according to the stored recipe. This can be connected to the Lybra weight control system.
  5. The weight chamber is quickly accessible.
  6. A low-pressure dividing system complete with internal cooling guarantees long operation. Maximum accuracy of the divided dough portions thanks to the constant pressure system.
  7. Stainless steel hopper and dividing chamber for maximum hygiene. Different sizes of hoppers are available from 80 to 280 kg. Safety devices according to the latest CE standards 2014.
  8. Splitter belts allow for correct positioning of the divided pieces (optional)

Dough Divider Olympia Model

The experience from the last decades has gone into the completely redesigned Dough divider and further improvements have been made in the technology. The success story continues!

How do we achieve this? Thanks to the unique cam control with adjustable stroke pressure, the weight-dependent stroke travel and the frequency-controlled speed for machine cycles and discharge belts. All inclusive: The standard recipe management feature can be controlled very simply through an ergonomically designed operating panel.

A further strength: the many, freely selectable options. Whether it is motorised weight setting, strewers on dough conveyor or deployment as a roll weighing machine with front-facing discharge – the choice is yours.

Last but not least: It is not only possible to connect the Dough Divider seamlessly with the Round Moulder. It can also be integrated into complete bread baking plants quickly and simply. Around the world, many Dough Dividers are giving reliable service day in, day out.